Wadi Qelt, in the clarity of the stones

Ilanit Illouz

Text by Émilie  Noteris

First edition

20 x 28.5 cm

Hard cover

156 pages 

112 images

French - English

July 2021

ISBN: 978-2-490740-05-5

Standard Edition: 36 €

Special Edition: 80 €


Ilanit Illouz looks to the ground like an archaeologist in order to examine the properties and the stigmata of places marked by history. This is what makes up the phusis or natural physics which becomes the artist's research base. 

The four elements water, earth, fire and air and the exhaustion of themselves guide the artistic project.

The visible or invisible trace becomes the narrative thread of Ilanit Illouz's work.

I have invested an area on the edge of Israel and the West Bank, the Dead Sea constituting a natural border between three countries (Palestine, Israel, Jordan). Two countries overexploit this place when another lives there without having the right to exploit its natural resources. This results in the creation of "sinkholes", holes that open up in the ground as the Dead Sea recedes. This aquatic basin, whose altitude is the lowest in the world, is inexorably drying up. The multiplication of craters is one of the most alarming symptoms. As it recedes, the water leaves behind a land riddled with pockets of salt. On contact with fresh water, these can suddenly collapse, swallowing anything on the surface. This territory, fascinating in many ways, becomes a true metaphor for memory and leaves room for reflection without ever having to respond . Ilanit Illouz

From her trip she brings back photographs and salt from the Dead Sea that she uses to reveal and cover her images in the manner of Niépce with bitumen from Judea as a photosensitive product for heliography.

The book WADI, dans la clarté des pierre brings together the corpus of images produced in the Judean desert and documents this specific and plastic long-term work called Les Dolines (2016-2021).  

Edition of 100 comprising a first edition book with one riso print  (17 x 24 cm, signed and numbered on the bottom). here



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- Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival in Xiamen from November 26, 2021 to January 3, 2022.

- Louis Roederer Discovery Public Prize - Arles Festival July 4 - September 26, 2021  


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Ilanit Illouz

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