Eyd is an independent publishing house founded in 2018 by Caroline de greef publishing photo books.

His particular interest is to work with artists whose work has never been published and to see this collaboration continue over time.Ilanit Illouz, Elise Toïdé, Thomas Klotz and Johann bouché-Pillon are among the artists with whom Eyd works.


Eyd has been developing since 2020 a creation of archives in order to renew itself, to collaborate with the world by anticipating and accompanying it.
How to create from a cultural tradition of craftsmanship a new editorial practice highly demanding on image and meaning?

By mixing in a transversal way all the existing documents (audios, videos, photographs ...) where our point of view and listening focus on the essential meaning of the project and generate a second abundant, more inclusive approach. I

nstablish a new editorial ecosystem where nothing is watertight. The multiple possibilities offered by these heterogeneous materials generate a complementary creative dynamic in playful, sociological and educational aspects.

The interactivity of mediums will now be optimized for each work published by Eyd. This model of cohabitation not only allows the coexistence of forms but above all their decompartmentalization in the service of a theme or a story.


Along with the editions, Eyd is developing its graphic studio in order to respond to requests according to its know-how: editing, visual identity, production, web design and iconographic research. See the projects